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email bankruptcy

email bankruptcy (eng.) -> e-mail bankroet

Als het aantal mailtjes in je mailbox je boven het hoofd groeit kun je iedereen die je wat stuurde maar waarop je niet reageerde een bericht terugsturen met de boodschap dat je bankroet bent: ,,Declare Email Bankruptcy”

Copyright wonk (and Wired columnist) Lawrence Lessig hit upon a novel tactic after spending 80 hours trying to clear out his backlogged inbox: surrender. “Bankruptcy is now my only option,” he wrote in a mass message to his correspondence creditors. Here’s how Lessig erased his debts and turned over a new leaf.

1) Collect the email addresses of everyone you haven’t replied to. Paste them into the BCC field of a new message you’ll send to yourself.

2) Write a polite note explaining your predicament. Apologize profusely – Lessig managed five mea culpas in as many paragraphs – and promise to keep up with your email in the future. Try to sound credible.

3) Ask for a resend of anything particularly pressing, and offer to give such messages special attention.


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